Our ethos

Lifespan NZ Ltd was founded to provide high quality, natural, well-researched nutritional products, sourced right here in New Zealand. We want to make a significant contribution to the health of those using our supplements, through active ingredients at levels dictated by scientific evidence on safety and effectiveness. We would not market a product, even a bestseller, if we were not convinced that it was beneficial to health.

Our expertise


Our service

- Our dedicated New Zealand-based customer care team is available every day. Just send us an email, and we’ll get right back to you.

- Samples are available to potential distributors. Please just ask one of our friendly team.

- We can arrange worldwide shipping and help with Customs clearance.


從穫取天然成分的那一刻開始我們的產品就經過精心的處理過程。它們經過最適的加工後馬上包裝以確保到您使用時都保有成分的新鮮和高純品質。我們與紐西蘭最有口碑的生產商之一有著緊密的 聯繫,意味著我們確切地知道我們產品來源.我們將繼續改良我們的產品配方並推出新產品,以確保我們提供最佳的一系列產品


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